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Dancing while pregnant. Ballarinas can continue dancing with modifications.














Kickboxing while pregnant can be modified if you are well trained.




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Are you expecting, wishing to concieve or just delivered a baby?

Looking for a safe effective exercise program designed just for you?

Prefering to exercise in your own home for privacy, to save time or without a baby sitter?

Or do you want to take us to your park on the phone?

Expecting Fitness and Birgitta Lauren is here for you.

Optimal fitness can and should be maintained before, during and after pregnancy for numerous health benefits to both mom and baby. A fit body is more efficient at everything including concieving, staying pregnant and making a healthier baby.

Whether you are beginner or trained athlete, a first time or fifth-time mom carrying one, two or three babies, are a healthy or "high risk" pregnancy, its never too late to start.

Services include exercise and nutritional guidance, from before conception through pregnancy and post partum, either in-home in Los Angeles, or long distance via Skype.

"High risk" pregnancy exercise is a specialty.

So no excuses. Lets celbrate Motherhood with the best health you can give yourself and your baby. Fit Moms Make Fit Babies, Fit Babies are Smarter Babies.

    • Before exercise prescription, a health evaluation will be performed to determine what is best for each individual mom-to-be, finding or ruling out contraindications or any "high risk" conditions that has to be taken into consideration.
    • We will work closely with moms OB or midwife, who must consent with the exercise prescription.
      An individual fun and safe workout plan will be designed and continually updated and modified as the pregnancy progresses, or later as moms post baby body shapes up.

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client quote

"My daughter Sydney is now 8.  Staying fit during pregnancy was one of the best things I ever did for her.  She's an unbelievably fit and healthy child.  Thank you Birgitta!". Asha Vad